PDF417 Barcode PDF 417

The secure, low cost, high capacity, ID technology

Around the world, PDF417 is setting new standards for identification. From driver licenses to social services and national ID cards, PDF417 has become the preferred means of encoding ID information. PDF417 answers the need to store and transfer large amounts of data securely and inexpensively. A single PDF417 symbol carries up to 1.1 kilobytes of machine-readable data and it can contain biometric data files such as photographs, fingerprints, and signatures, as well as text, numbers and graphics. Symbol total solution approach to PDF417 includes an extensive line of high performance products capable of reading both PDF417 and 1-D symbols.

  PDF 417
Social services ID Card from the
State of Connecticut, with PDF
encoded fingerprint
Driver License from the State of
New York PDF, encoded text font

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